Follow the money. Bring your passion.

Don't Wait for a Corner Office. Build One.

If four more years of school doesn't excite you, this will.

Choosing a Trade
Instead of College?

Let Your Bank Account Do the Talking

Are you a hands-on learner, excited by the prospects of getting out of the classroom and starting to work immediately after high school? If so, working in a trade may work well for you. In many cases, you could end up earning just as much or more than those with a college degree. In fact, many of the fastest-growing jobs in the country can be achieved without a college-level education.

Here are just a few jobs with their starting salaries.

Apprentice Tradesmen
$20,000 to $41,000

$22,000 to $57,000

Drywall & Ceiling Installers
$26,000 to $64,000

Equipment Operators
$27,000 to $61,000

Tile & Marble Setters
$27,000 to $77,000

$28,000 to $83,000

$32,000 to $74,000

Carpenter Journeymen
$33,000 to $69,000

$33,000 to $81,000

$34,000 to $82,000

Concrete Finishers
$35,000 to $58,000

$35,000 to $63,000

Building Inspectors
$36,000 to $75,000

$38,000 to $73,000

$40,000 to $98,000

Safety Coordinators
$41,000 to $93,000

$41,000 to $103,000

Site Foreman
$45,000 to $63,000

Project Managers
$49,000 to $126,000

$50,000 to $95,000

Life Is Better
With Cash In Your Pocket

The idea of the broke college student is not exactly the glamorous life. You’ll find that young people who launch their career immediately after high school are living large on their summer vacations. Starting your career early can put over a hundred thousand dollars in your bank account at a time when most college students often end up with tens of thousands in student debt.