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Build-Pride was founded by a team of professionals from some of the leading companies in the construction industry. The founding members were drawn together by a common belief that their companies and the construction industry as a whole is driven by the quality of its people. Build-Pride informs and connects talented individuals to employment opportunities with Kansas construction companies.

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Building Isn’t For Everyone.
Neither is Sitting in Classrooms.

The desire to build is inside us all. As children, many of us develop valuable skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and even an understanding of scientific concepts such as gravity. Building brings out our best. It gives us the opportunity to experience the satisfaction that comes from being part of a team, learning a skill, completing tasks and ultimately seeing a project come together to completion.

Somewhere along the way, lots of folks get the idea that we have to leave building behind. We’re sold the belief that only one path to true success exists and that path requires years of post high-school graduation studies.

Build-Pride is an organization created by a team who’ve enjoyed the personal and financial benefits of a career in construction. We banded together to invite others to experience the diverse and valuable opportunities that exist in construction.

If you (or your student) are ready to build a rewarding life, Build-Pride is ready to help today.

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