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Our skills quiz is designed to give you insight into which building trade you would work best in. Get your results, contact our advisors, and get started on your career in construction!

I enjoy working outside whether it's cold, hot, windy, or raining. Weather can't stop me!
I would enjoy working at the same place every day.
I would love to work with big machinery and heavy equipment. Get me in that operator seat!
I would like to work on my own projects, or parts of projects. I’m responsible and can get it done by myself!
Working around heights, chemicals, and heavy equipment is something I can handle.
Working on an interior of a building and creating the framework and guts on the inside is something that interests me.
I don’t want to be responsible for other people's work. Judge me by what I’ve done, not someone under me.
I would appreciate if my supervisor gave me a job and let me figure out how to do it. The independence and the decision making is fun.
I enjoy working high above the ground. Heights don’t bother me; they make the job more fun.
Building is fine, but it’s the work inside the building that really interests me. Putting on the finishing touches is the best part.
I like to see new places and meet new people; traveling around doesn't bother me!
I like using my skills, knowledge, and experience to solve problems and figure out how to make things work in a new situation. No cookie cutter work for me.
Working as part of a team every day would be great. I enjoy working with people and having coworkers around to talk to and get help from sounds great.
I prefer to have my tasks clearly laid out for me. I want to know exactly what is expected of me and how the supervisor would like it done. I’m happy to do the work, just don’t make me choose how.

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