How Is Technology Changing Construction?

Construction is not all hammers and nails. Emerging technologies play an important part in the construction industry. These technologies require tech-savvy people to help construction companies thrive.

When you’re an expert in emerging construction tech, you can expect construction companies to pay you for your expertise and keep you around for the long haul. Plus, many construction industry jobs are some of the fasting growing in the U.S.

Interested in a technology career, but not interested in racking up the college debt that comes with it? Check out some of these emerging tech trends in the construction industry.


Think flying a drone is just a hobby? Think again. The construction industry is using drones to complete new tasks that would’ve been extremely dangerous or even impossible 20 years ago. According to the Motley Fool, the number of commercial drone pilots is expected to increase to up to 422,000 by 2021. Construction workers use drones to do things like:

  • Take photographs. Construction companies use drone photographs to monitor progress, build 3D models and inspect prospective construction sites.
  • Reduce errors. Drones help construction companies compare build progress to blueprints.
  • Plan construction projects. Especially in remote or undeveloped areas, drones can help construction companies analyze a site before the planning starts.
  • Speed up construction. By gaining efficiencies in prospecting, planning and building, drones help construction companies complete projects more quickly.
  • Improve communication. Drones can help on-site workers communicate visually with off-site project managers and clients.
Woman Wiring Electrical Outlet
Carpenter Sawing Board


Drones are basically flying robots. As effective as they are in the sky, construction workers still need robots on the ground. Construction robots help handle the dangerous tasks that people and equipment can’t. Before construction can happen, buildings need to be demolished or land needs to be cleared. That’s where construction robots come in. These robots can safely and cost effectively knock down structures, oftentimes more efficiently than demolition crews. Construction companies can also use robots for excavation tasks like digging trenches.

3D Printing

Do you think 3D printing is just for making toys and knick-knacks? Think again. 3D printing has advanced to the point that companies can 3D print entire houses.

Construction companies have good reasons for investing in 3D printing and 3D printing experts—It can drastically reduce costs. Think about it, once perfected, you no longer have to worry about suppliers or inconsistent quality of materials. Instead, you can always create the perfect shaped material for the job.

3D printing also allows construction companies to add exciting new features to their builds. According to an article by Raconteur, “As well as the obvious benefit of reducing construction costs, the use of 3D printing makes it possible to embed wireless sensors into the walls of a property, achieving the full integration of technology and the built environment required for genuinely smart buildings.”

Woman Managing Oil Derrick Operations
Man on Roof with Shingle

Smart Devices

How often has someone told you to, “get off your phone”? Who knew that all that time spent staring at a black rectangle could help you get a job in construction? Many industries have become dependent on smart devices and mobile applications to get the job done. Construction is no different. Smart devices help improve the services supplied by construction companies with efficiency boosting applications like:

  • Project management. Construction companies uses apps to plan projects from start to finish.
  • Documentation. Keep track of processes, shipments, costs and progress.
  • Barcode scanners. Manage shipments and materials inventory.

Interested in Paving a Pathway In Construction?

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