What Jobs Pay Best Straight Out of High School?

Are you convinced you need to go to college to be successful? Think again. Consider a career in the skilled building trades. Not only can you skip the classwork, debt, and late night studying, but you’ll be on the fast track to start earning a living and supporting yourself right away.

According to Forbes, in 2016, the average 4-year college student graduated with over $37,000 in debt. Compare that to a career as a mason, roofer, concrete finisher or electrician. These careers offer starting salaries greater than $30,000 with paid on-the-job training. Even at $30,000, you’ll graduate $157,000 ahead of your average college-going peer. That’s money you can use to buy a house, travel the world or attend college debt-free.

If you’re looking to start earning while learning right out of high school, consider one of the following careers:

Mason ($38,000)

Nothing stacks up like a career as a mason. Masons build sturdy structures using bricks, stones, mortar and other Earth materials. Masons can also apply their skills to more artistic, stylized work like patios, feature walls and outdoor features.

Even more exciting, as a mason you’ll start your career earning $38,000 per year. Plus, you’ll be able to support yourself well into the future. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, masons can expect 12% job growth through 2026—that’s faster than average.

Roofer ($35,000)

Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, consider getting a jump on your career right out of high school as a roofer. While it’s not a career for the faint of heart, roofers are well-compensated with steady on-the-job training.

In many areas, roofers make the bulk of their money while taking quite a few days off—you can’t exactly build and repair roofs in extreme weather. Plus, you’ll never have to pay someone to help you fix a leaky roof. That’s knowledge you got paid to learn that’ll you’ll be able to keep using for the rest of your life.

Concrete Finisher ($35,000)

Have you ever tried to build something with concrete? Did the end result come out rough and unsightly? That’s where concrete finishers come in. Concrete finishers use specialized tools to level, polish, seal and finish poured concrete to make it look professional and neat. Wondering why concrete finishers get paid so well straight out of high school? It can be grueling work. However, that hard work pays off. You’ll be physically fit and on the path of earning up to $58,000 per year.

Electrician ($33,000)

You don’t need to go to college to supercharge your earning potential. As an electrician, you’ll earn almost as much in one year as your college-going cohorts lost over four. The job growth isn’t so bad either. After years of training and career development, electricians can make over $80,000 per year.

As an electrician, you’d be responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems, including wiring, lighting and controls. The job outlook for electricians looks good too—you can expect 9 percent growth through 2026.

Do the Smart Thing. Start Earning, Not Spending.

Don’t become a cog in the machine—build it. With the right career choice, you can be on the fast track to success without becoming another student loan sufferer. Are you interested in learning how you can construct your own career? Contact Build-Pride today.