Why Construction Training is a Great Way to Start a Career

Whether you’re about to graduate high school, starting your adult independence, or looking for a career change, construction training is a smart and oftentimes overlooked pathway to success. With construction training, you start your career on day one, instead of spending years in a classroom racking up debt. Best of all, you’ll get hands-on training from real experts in your chosen field.

For most construction trades, you’ll earn a living wage while you’re enrolled in a training program or apprenticeship. Plus, you’ll be learning a skill you can take with you almost anywhere in the world for the rest of your life. In comparison, your peers who to the traditional college route  will be sitting behind a desk racking up thousands of dollars in debt for a career that might be obsolete in a few years – this may be fine for them, but it is not something you are interested in.

6 Reasons Start Your Career with Construction Training

Have you been considering a career in construction? We’ve compiled six compelling reasons that show how a construction training program is a smart choice over the expensive, college-going career pathway.

1. Little to No Debt After School

According to an article published by Inside Higher Ed in 2018, “The average student loan debt last year for graduates of four-year college who took out loans was $28,650.”That’s a lot of money. With $28,650, you could buy a new car, place a down payment on a house or start your own business. When you start a career in construction, you can skip the debt. Instead, you’ll earn a paycheck while you’re learning. Even better, at the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have the skills to move to the next stage in your career, whether that’s starting your own construction business or getting a job at a construction company. When you complete construction training, you get to build your own path, since you won’t be tied to a dead-end job struggling to pay off student loan debt.

How many hours have you spent in a classroom? Many students struggle to maintain focus and interest when trapped behind a desk all day. Does that sound like you?With construction training, the learning takes place outside of the classroom too. From the start, you get to use tools and methods under the guidance of industry professionals. You won’t be sitting in a classroom memorizing formulas and writing extensive papers. You’ll be outside, getting real-world experience. Plus, since you’ll be doing the job, you’ll have plenty of hands-on work examples to illustrate your knowledge when you graduate. Do you know what else is awesome? You’ll also have the skills to complete your own construction projects at home, without having to shell out for a contractor.

3. Industry Growth

Starting your career with no debt and hands on experience is great, but your skills will be highly in demand for the foreseeable future.The construction career path is often overlooked. With more students choosing the college route, there are less construction professionals to fill the open positions on the market.Carpenters and electricians can expect 8% to 9% job growth through 2026 respectively. Other more niche, up-and-coming and specialized construction careers can expect even more exciting job growth through 2026. For example, the demand for wind turbine technicians is forecasted to increase by a whopping 96%. Click here to read and learn more about some of the fastest growing jobs and in-demand professions in construction.

4. Job Security

You can spend thousands of dollars going to college for years, and there’s usually no guarantee that you’ll land a job when you graduate. Many 4-year degree programs don’t give you the hands-on experience you need to succeed in the real world. On the other hand, construction training programs give you an education and paid work experience. Plus, you’ll be working alongside experts with valuable industry connections. Building these relationships helps you get your foot in the door when you complete your training.Coupled with great prospective job growth, you’ll be able to apply your skills virtually anywhere in the world. No matter where you decide to live, there’s almost always a need for construction skills. If there isn’t a company hiring in the area, you’ll be equipped to start your own business.Moreover, construction is an industry that’s dependent on human workers. Advanced technology has assisted humans to complete jobs easier, safer and faster. However, the industry still depends on human skill and labor.

5. Well Paying Jobs With Growth Potential

One of the most exciting aspects about construction training is that when you finish the program, you won’t just be qualified for low paying, entry-level jobs. With the real-world, hands-on experience you gained, you’ll be able to apply for journeyman or mid-level positions in most trades.As you gain more experience and complete larger projects, you’ll increase your value. Eventually, you’ll reach the master-level ranks, and you’ll be able to compete for the highest paying positions.With construction training, you won’t be left at the mercy of other employers. If you’re a self-starter, you can use your skills to start your own business. From there, the sky’s the limit on how much you can earn. Click here to learn what jobs pay the best right out of high school.

6. Stay Active

It’s no secret that there are some terrifying statistics behind the sedentary lifestyle of many office dwelling Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity affects almost 40% of the U.S. population. That’s almost 94 million Americans!

A career in the construction industry can help you stay fit. Many construction careers are physically demanding, whether it’s lifting heavy objects, spending all day on your feet, or a combination of both. Plus, you’ll be outside enjoying the fresh air.

Are You Ready to Start Your New Career?

Choosing a trade career is a smart choice for people who enjoy staying active, working with their hands and investing in a stable financial future. Does a construction training program sound like the right career for you? Contact Build-Pride, and we’ll help you start paving the pathway to success.